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    Cardboard problem solution
    专栏:Common problem
    Solve the problem according to jam.

    1. Wear of counterpart rolls and damage of drive clutch.

    The counter roll is a hard rubber roll, which is positioned on the upper and lower sides of the paper respectively, after the paper is rubbed out of the paper box of the copying machine and drives the paper forward. When the roller is worn, it slows down the progress of the paper, and the paper will often be stuck in the middle of the paper road. The damage of the counter-position roller driving clutch makes the roller unable to rotate and the paper can not pass through. In this case, the new counter-position roller should be replaced or treated accordingly.

    2. Failure of paper path sensor

    Paper path sensors are mostly located in the separation area, the paper outlet of the fixer and so on. Ultrasound or photoelectric components are used to detect whether the paper passes or not. If the sensor fails, the paper passes can not be detected. When the paper is moving forward, it touches the small lever transported by the sensor, blocking the ultrasound or light, and detects that the paper has passed, giving instructions to proceed with the next procedure. If the small lever fails to turn, it will stop the paper forward, resulting in paper jam fault, so should check the correct action of the paper path sensor.

    3. Separation claw wear

    Long-term use of the copier, machine drum or fixing roller separation claw will be seriously worn, resulting in paper jam. In serious cases, the separating claw can not separate the copy paper from the photo-sensitive drum or fixing roller, causing the paper to be wound on the paper jam fault. At this point, the application of absolute alcohol cleaning fixing roller and separating claw on the toner, remove the blunt separating claw, with fine sandpaper sharpening, so that the copier can generally continue to use for a period of time. If not, only replace the new separation claw.

    4. Fixing pollution

    The fixing roller is the driving roller when the copy paper passes through. The high temperature melted toner during fixing easily pollutes the surface of the fixing roller (especially in poor lubrication and cleaning), and makes the copy paper adhere to the fixing roller. At this time should check whether the roller is clean, clean scraper is intact, silicone oil supplement is effective, fixing roller cleaning paper is used up. If the fixing roller is contaminated, wash it with anhydrous alcohol and apply a little silicone oil on the surface. Replace felt pad or cleaning paper when serious.

    5. Outlet baffle displacement

    After the above parts, the copy paper is exported through the exit baffle, and a copy program is completed. Long-term use of the copier, the export baffle sometimes displacement or deflection, prevent the smooth output of the copy paper, resulting in paper jam fault. At this time, the export baffle should be corrected so that the baffle is straight and free, and the jam phenomenon will be eliminated.

    Tips for avoiding cardboard

    1. Choose a good copy paper: the quality of the copy paper on the copy machine "jam rate" and even its service life plays a vital role. Please do not use paper with the following phenomena:

    (a) uneven thickness and uneven size of the same package.

    (b) there is stubble on the edge of the paper.

    (c) too much paper, leaving a layer of white crumbs on the clean desktop after shaking. Too many copies of paper wool will cause the rubbing wheel to be too slippery to rub the paper, accelerating the wear of the photosensitive drum, fixing roller and so on.

    2, uniform use of cartons: sounds contradictory with the next one. But if two cartons are next to each other, rotation will avoid excessive wear and tear of the paper rubbing system.

    3. Choose the nearest carton: the closer the paper is to the photosensitive drum, the shorter the distance is in the process of copying, and the less chance of paper jamming.

    4, shake the paper: shake the paper on the clean desktop, then rub it repeatedly, so that the paper hair can be reduced.

    5. Dampproof, anti-static: damp paper in the copier after heating deformation, resulting in "paper jam", double-sided copy is particularly serious. Autumn and winter dry weather, easy to produce static electricity, copy paper often two or three stick together, resulting in "paper jam". It is recommended to place a humidifier near the photocopier.

    6. Self-cleaning: If the phenomenon of "paper jam" often occurs, the paper wheel can be wiped with a piece of wet degreased cotton (do not dip too much water).

    7. Edge removal: In the process of copying a deeper-colored manuscript, it often causes the copy to be fan-shaped card at the outlet of the copier. Using the edge elimination function of the photocopier can reduce the probability of "cardboard".

    8. Periodic Maintenance: Comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of the copier is the most effective means to ensure the effect of copying and reduce "paper jam".

    Regular maintenance is also the basic duty of a photocopier warranty unit. If "paper jam" occurs, please pay attention to the following points when you take out the paper: when "paper jam" is taken, only the parts allowed to move on the instructions of the copier can be triggered. Remove the entire paper as often as possible, and be careful not to leave the broken pieces of paper in the machine. Do not touch the drum to avoid scratching the drum. If you are sure that all the "paper jam" is removed, but the "paper jam" signal is still not disappeared, you can re-close the front cover, or switch the power supply of the machine once.
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